March 28 and 29 Equipment Rules


Note that there has been a very broad cross section of equipment from people showing interest for the match. We will adjust classes at the match before we shoot.

 A “Sporter light” class for rifles and scope combinations costing less than $1,200 MSRP including scope, no Muzzle Brake and barrels less than .750 Diameter and a Sporter Heavy" MSRP Approximately $2000.  This will push rifles such as the Ruger Precision rifle and the Tikja T3 into the open class. Scope magnification for both Sporter classes restricted to 25X. 

An “Open” class for all other rifles muzzle brakes allowed, max calibre of 30, No Magnum calibers allowed. (This is a restriction of the steel targets).

The competition will be shot with Bipods or bags off the  bench or from prone at the choice of each shooter.

All classes will be scored together with Sporter Light getting a 20% score bonus and Sporter Heavy a 10%  score bonus

All classes will shoot the same course of fire we will use a handicap system to separate the 3 classes. Sporter light will have their score multiplied by 1.2, Sporter Heavy will have their score multiplied by 1.1 and Open will get actual score.