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A precision Rifle Match at CGRC

A more complete Course of fire is available by email.

It is possible that we will add a stage included with stages 2 through 4 in order to accommodate more shooters. Please check this site early September for update to the course of fire. A revision has been made September 5.

Shooters registered may be asked to volunteer as Stage Officers, Safety Officers and Scores depending on the number of shooters registered.


Stage 2, 3 and 4 will be shot at the same time. When all shooting is finished squads will rotate stages and shoot the next stage.

Stage 1: Sighting and qualification

Engage 3 targets at 3 distances;

All shooters will engage 100 and 300 yard paper targets simultaneously followed by individual shots of 3 rounds each at 500 yards.

100 yards , 7 shots at 1 inch bull 5 best shots for score

300 Yards 7 shots at 3 inch bull 5 best shots for score.

500 yards 3 shots at 10” gong, Shooters must achieve at least 1 hit to qualify to shoot at the 600 yard eTarget. 

Shooters will be divided into 3 squads of teams of 2. For clarity, 18 shooters total would be 3 squads of 6 shooters in teams of 2. A team will be 2 shooters each team mate will act as spotter when his partner is shooting and will record their score for the stage.

Stages 2, 3 and 4 will be shot simultaneously with one squad at each stage and will then rotate to subsequent stages.  

Stage 2: Score-group-gong

Shooters will engage at 600 yards 1 at a time. 

7 shots at the e-target 2 sighters and 5 for score. Shooter may convert 1 or both sighters to score. Left over rounds can be shot at the 8 inch gong set 10 yards right of the e-target for bonus points.

Stage 3: KYL

Shooters will engage a Know Your Limits target at 300 yards. 7 shots for score at 4 gongs 8”, 6”, 4”and 2”. Shooter may take as many shots (up to 7) as needed to hit the 8” gong. Once the shooter hits the 8” gong 1 time they must move to the next smaller gong. The shooter is not obligated to take subsequent shots and if a shot is taken and missed all points for this stage will be forfeit. 

Stage 4: 400 – 500

Shooters will engage a 10” gong at 400 yards. A hit on the 400 yard gong will qualify the shooter to take 1 and only 1 shot at a 6” gong at 500 yards to double their point total. After a shot is taken at the 6” 500 yard gong the shooter will transition back to the 10” 400 yard gong. A hit at 400 yards will again qualify the shooter for another single shot at the 6” 500 yard gong and repeat until 6 rounds are expended. The shooter is not obliged to take any shots at 500 yards, all 6 shots may be at 400 yards.

Stage 5:  


Shooters will engage a 12” by 20” Hostage with a 6” Hostage Taker head at 300 yards with 6 shots. When hit the head will transition to the opposite side of the Hostage.

Stage 6

We will repeat Score-Group-Gong (Stage 2) using 3 alternating benches with all shooters shooting one after the other.

Equipment categories to be updated

Do not be shy we like new shooters.s to be updated
Equipment categories to be updated Do not be shy we like new shooters.s to be updated